Swap Debuts First Global Campaign Calling Out Inefficiencies in Ecommerce Operations

Through a New Commercial and Rebrand, Swap is Solidifying Itself as an E-Commerce Brand’s Secret Weapon for all Things Logistics

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Swap, the e-commerce operating system (OS) that manages all operations for direct-to-consumer brands, today debuted its first-ever brand campaign and TV commercial titled Swap House, which underscores the brand’s ability to keep retail logistics under one roof. The commercial is now airing on CTV across Amazon Prime, Hulu, and DirectTV, along with social platforms LinkedIn, YouTube, and Meta.

The campaign expands on Swap’s witty and illustrative universe, creating a vivid metaphor for the company’s tech consolidation. With whimsical animal illustrations and a playful animation style, the spot humorously pokes fun at competitors in the e-commerce logistics space. Swap partnered with Manu Correa Soto, formerly of Buck, who infused his distinctive animation direction into this imaginative world. The result is a dynamic and vibrant piece that injects life into the often monotonous SaaS sector, where branding frequently takes a backseat. The sound design, crafted by Facundo Capece, further enhances this lively and engaging narrative.

“This commercial gets to the root of the problem facing e-commerce brands today. When I see people on LinkedIn talking about ‘an idea tech stack’ the list is longer than a CVS receipt,” said Juan Pellerano-Rendon, Chief Marketing Officer at Swap. “It’s unrealistic for brands to spend significantly on point solutions that give you different data points and don’t work together, especially in this macroeconomic retail climate. Swap allows you to have all of your operations with one partner. We know that tech consolidation powers quicker, more efficient growth when brands need it most, and we’re excited to get out to the world with this message and grow brands’ businesses from their internal operations to external growth. This is the first step in solidifying Swap as the only e-commerce operations platform on the market.”

This commercial was inspired by Swap’s recent rebrand, designed to help the company stand out from the sea of sameness in the e-commerce logistic space. The strategy aimed to break free from the monotony that plagues the SaaS space, where branding often feels bland, literal, and devoid of personality. Swap zeroed in on its core audiences: Fashion Founders and DTC Insiders with a modern design system that speaks directly to them, not taking itself too seriously. Inspired by the rich history of shipping logistics, Swap chose the carrier pigeon as its brand mascot. The decision wasn’t just whimsical – it was strategic. A carrier pigeon, guiding its client through its products, embodies the speed, loyalty and reliability that its solutions offer. The pigeon resonated with fashion brands, which are the lifeblood of its business, and it also symbolizes the urban cultures where many of its brands operate.

The commercial was brought to life by Juan Pellerano-Rendon, Chief Marketing Officer; Alex Kirsch, Creative Director; Manu Correa Soto, Amination; Fecund Capece, Sound Design; Kristin Rose, Paid Media Director; and Guerin Kline, Design Intern. The rebrand was led by Juan Pellerano-Rendon, Chief Marketing Officer and Alex Kirsch, Creative Director.

This commercial follows Swap’s recent $9 million Series A, led by QED Investors, and the launch of Swap Global, which allowed the company to unlock new markets through DDP shipping, automated tax remittance, and express customs clearance. The funding also enabled Swap to grow its marketing and sales teams while the company works to broaden its footprint in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. To learn more, visit swap–commerce.com.

About Swap:

Founded in 2022 by Sam Atkinson and Zach Bailet, Swap is the e-commerce operating system that manages all operations for direct-to-consumer brands. Swap is e-commerce evolved. The company is designed to help direct-to-consumer brands simplify their tech stack, by improving every pain point in a brand’s operations journey – from shipping, tracking, and package-protection, to returns and cross-border.


Elizabeth Snyder, SolComms