Welcome to Nonna’s Kitchen

Dez Amore is thrilled to announce the opening of its first restaurant in the heart of Chelsea, London.

Launched on Tuesday, 2 July 2024 at 273 Fulham Road, the new venue promises to bring the warmth and flavours of an authentic Italian kitchen, reminiscent of Nonna’s home.

Experience Nonna’s Love

Step into Dez Amore and be transported to an Italian grandmother’s home, where the air is filled with the aroma of fresh, handmade food. The ambiance evokes 1970s nostalgia with photos of family moments, framed doilies, embroidered pieces, ceramic plates, and old postcards, creating a heartwarming, timeless atmosphere. Dez Amore combines this classic feel with a contemporary twist, featuring an open kitchen where Tuscan and Italian dishes are prepared with love and care.

A Taste of Italy

Dez Amore’s menu showcases traditional Italian recipes and Sunday favourites, reimagined for a global audience. Highlights include:

  • Antipasti: Traditional Italian cheese and salumi boards
  • Pasta: Fresh, handmade pasta cooked to order with classic sauces like Carbonara, Pesto, Cacio & Pepe, and Truffle Pasta
  • Pizza Padellino: Thin, crispy, pan-cooked pizza, typical of Tuscany
  • Burgers: Italian-flavoured burgers with a nod to English tradition
  • Desserts: Homemade cheesecake in chocolate, pistachio or natural

Interior Design

The restaurant’s design, created by the renowned TIMOTHEE Studio, exudes a cosy, rustic charm. It’s a place where conviviality reigns, and quality, homemade food is celebrated. The space also features a cute Instagram corner, perfect for capturing memories in a setting filled with vintage objects and retro ambiance.

Meet the Founders

Leonardo Masi and Simone Parentini, best friends and business partners from Tuscany, are the passionate forces behind Dez Amore. Leonardo, a seasoned chef who learned pasta making at a young age, has brought his culinary dreams to life in London. Simone, with a rich background in his family’s glass business and a love for Tuscan food, has also ventured into the culinary world to share his passion for genuine Italian cuisine.

Join the Dez Amore Family

Follow Dez Amore on Instagram (@dez_amore) and TikTok (@dez_amore) for updates and behind-the-scenes content.

Dez Amore is located at 273 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PZ.