Hire My Desk has launched in the East of London, offering both owners and renters of traditional office spaces a way to reclaim the lost revenues they’re paying to keep hold of these locations.

Following the pandemic, many businesses have shifted expectations realising that their employees will no longer be in the offices every day. If you’re amongst these businesses, who already know that your teams are only going to be in the office on specific days of the week, Hire My Desk gives you the platform and the flexibility to make your empty spaces available to local creatives, techs, and startups in need of a temporary office spaces.

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If your offices are looking sparse and you’re tired of seeing them empty renting them out to those in need, at a low cost, gives you a way to share your resources.

Whilst many professionals across the UK have settled into their new normal ways of working, we’re humans at the end of the day and we often require social settings to be able to thrive.

Some lone workers have reported feelings of loneliness and isolation when working fully-remotely. We can only guess at the costly implications this could be having on their personal wellbeing as well as their professional motivations and outputs.

Opening your unused spaces to professionals looking for cost-effective, flexible work environments, gives you a way to re-energise the offices on the days when you know the rest of the team is not going to be around. Giving you a way to ensure those team members who are heading in, are not going to be alone in the office.

Hire My Desk is on the lookout for a pioneering group of Host members!

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If you’ve got unused or vacant desk spaces going spare – why not take the steps to help someone else out by listing them for free?

You’ll be helping to build a new community, outside of the expensive coworking spaces available on the market. Subsidising rental costs for your guests, whilst also making some extra revenue to help you balance the books. Especially important as we navigate through the energy and economic crises.

Creating your Hire My Desk account takes seconds to do. It’s takes three easy steps to create your desk listings and within minutes you’ll be a part of member the Hire My Desk Host network:


    1. Create your listing
      Add a name and description for your space
    2. Set pricing & availability
      Enter daily hire costs, when guests can use it and what it looks like
      by uploading some photos or videos of your space
    3. Generate additional revenue
      Once your listing is live, you’ll be notified when you receive bookings so you can quickly start earning and reclaiming that extra revenue


Use the Hire My Desk cost of underutilisation calculator to work out how much revenue you’re wasting on paying for empty desk spaces. Imagine what you could spend that reclaimed money on?

Make flexible working work for you and your business – with Hire My Desk. Sign up to become a host now at

For more information, please contact
Harpreet Suree on 07927 133 868 or email