UK gamers spend, on average, 11 hours playing games online per week. On top of this, many gamers will be making their way to the popular Gamescom convention later this month (25th – 28th August).

But when it comes to staying on top of your game, new research has revealed that diet is everything, as gamers who snacked and indulged in unhealthy food during a long session, felt their performance was significantly affected.

The new study commissioned by Jack Link’s revealed that over 50 per cent of gamers played more aggressively after consuming a large amount of sugary food and drink.

And with many playing games for a long period of time, it can be easy to slip into bad habits. In fact, during a lengthy stint of gaming, a staggering 78 per cent admitted to consuming a lot of junk food whilst gaming.

These typical gaming snacks are high in saturated fat and sugar, leading to nearly one in two Brits falling asleep mid-game, as a result of lack of energy due to poor diet.

However, 82 per cent wished they ate healthier when they gamed to make sure their performance was better.

The results also revealed that 68 per cent of those who consumed balanced, high-protein snacks while gaming felt fuelled for longer and as a result played better.

With Gamescom coming up at the end of the month, UK gamers spend, on average, 11 hours playing games online per week.

To recruit gamers to push back against greasy fingers and dips in energy, Jack Link’s has launched #BeefLaResistance in collaboration with esports brand Fnatic, to galvanise gamers to choose beef jerky as the gaming snack of choice.

#BeefaLaResistence is centred around enabling and inspiring gamers to reach their full potential and power through sessions. Jack Link’s is leading The Resistance to fight back against snacking mediocrity. High in protein, non-greasy and non-crumbly, Jack Link’s 100% lean beef jerky is the perfect snack to power the grind, helping gamers maintain precision and protects set-up.

Inka Weber, Marketing Manager at Jack Link’s, who commented on the research said: “From what we can see from the research, it is important for gamers to consider eating healthier whilst they game.

“Every aspect of the #BeefaLaResistance will be centred around enabling gamers to reach their full potential and power through ahead of any challenging session.

“Our products are the perfect snack to eat during leisure time activities such as gaming. Beef Jerky is a natural source of protein, giving lasting energy and hence supports endurance.”

74 per cent of respondents agreed that eating food high in protein made them a better gamer. With this in mind, over half surveyed preferred a snack that didn’t leave crumbs or mess in their keyboard.

To encourage Brits to join the resistance, Jack Link’s has created a unique graffiti mural outside gaming partner Fnatic’s HQ (2 Ebor Street, London). Those who stumble across the mural between 15th – 21st August can scan a QR code and sign up to join the Resistance and be entered into weekly prize draws. Prizes include Gamescom goodies and Fnatic merch including cool t-shirts.

For those who are in the area on Wednesday 17th August , Jack Link’s is also giving away 3,500 packs of beef jerky to passers-by to enjoy a protein packed snack on-the-go. Brits can find out more information via @Jacklinksuk Instagram page.

This new campaign and ongoing partnership between Jack Link’s and Fnatic’s demonstrate their continued commitment to maximising and enhancing eSports performance, equipping gamers to achieve their goals.

Jens Hofer, Performance Director at leading esports brand Fnatic commentsBeing a great gamer requires good mental attention and concentration, and we encourage all esports players to make sure they’re eating nutritious meals and snacks, as well as taking part in regular exercise.”

To help gamers maximise their performance, he also offers his top tips to help Brits fuel their long and intense gaming sessions:

  1. Make sure to stay hydrated and keep a bottle of water by your side when gaming
  2. If you are planning on doing a lengthy gaming session, make sure to plan out your day and prep healthy meals and good snacks in advance. This will help you to not reach for unhealthy snacks for a quick fix of energy
  3. Eat meals and snacks that are healthy and provide good proteins, vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates to maintain a consistent level of energy. This will help you focus better and increase your ability to handle the ups and downs of the gaming session.
  4. Eating products like beef jerky are a great example of a practical, they are non-greasy and when eaten, are unlikely to get unwanted crumbs in your keyboard
  5. Avoid snacks and drinks with loads of sugars! They’re generally unhealthy and could give you unwanted sugar rushes during game time
  6. Be careful with energy drinks that contain big amounts of caffeine, as this stays active in your system for a very long time. Ultimately, this can have an impact on your gaming and your sleep.
  7. Take short breaks where you actually get out of your chair and walk around little bit. It’s important to remove your eyes from the screen, ideally as frequently as the game allows for it!