The Monarchy has a key role to play during economic difficulty, according to Zeeshan Syed an economic, finance and consumer expert.

An expert for the University of Salford Business School said that the UK needs a trustworthy face to help unite people and convince them to shoulder the economic burden of COVID, Brexit and the Ukraine War. This comes as the national debt is nearly at WW2 levels and inflation being at post-war inflation levels. Syed believes the British Monarchy is one institution that can unite the country with ease.

The British Monarchy plays a leading role in integrating communities through hundreds of charities and selfless devotion. Syed said: “People’s love for the royals can help us heal divisions between groups created by the political establishment, such as Strivers and Scroungers, Leavers and Remainers, and Right and Left.” Peoples trust and loyalty in the Royal Family can bring unity, like they did during WW2.

“This role is ever so important as the period of great economic pain is about to come, and all the debt we accumulated and political spending that is made needs to be adjusted,” said Syed.

He added: “There is an urgent need for someone to hold the hands of the masses and tell them there is light at the end of the tunnel or to say, in other words: Keep Calm and Carry On.”