develop, a leading contributor to the software engineering community, has committed to donating £25 per placement to a local primary school to develop tech careers of children.

develop has partnered with Cannon Barnett primary School in Tower Hamlets to directly impact the education and prospects of local children. They are introducing coding and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related topics to children.

Evidence from a UK survey of nearly 10,000 primary school children shows that under 1 out of 5 aspire to have a career in science, leading to talent shortages despite the growth of the UK’s STEM industries.

develop aims to bridge the socioeconomic and gender gaps faced by the local children and aid in fuelling the future talent pipeline by donating £25 for every placement made. Based on 2021/2022 figures, this will amount to over £20,000 total going towards STEM education in the form of learning platforms, toys and equipment.

Sarah Bellerby, Head Teacher, at Canon Barnett said: “We feel extremely grateful that the develop team reached out to our school.” Bellerby thinks the idea to develop is very powerful and if the seed is planted early “children will feel inspired to learn and this will hopefully direct them to explore their interests further” as they move through their education and career choices.

“With STEM jobs projected to grow by 10 per cent in the next five to ten years, […] it is imperative that we give younger generations the right tools to succeed in an increasingly digital world,” said CEO at develop, Kevin Hammond. He added: “Unfortunately, many educational platforms fail to give children the full scope of jobs that are available to them, to the detriment of modern industries.”

Joey Tait, Managing Director at develop concluded: “We’re hoping this partnership shows the pupils of Canon Barnett the potential and possibilities they have and inspires them that they each have the chance to change the world.”