A Lakeside Software Digital Workplace Productivity Report has confirmed poor tech experiences has caused over 30% of employees to consider quitting.

Lakeside Software, a leader in digital experience management (DEM), announced on June 27th the release of its Digital Workplace Productivity Report 2022. It uncovered that organisations are struggling to support hybrid and remote workers.

The Report revealed that employees are frustrated with both the technology they interact with daily and the overall IT infrastructure that supports their workplace. It also found that on average, employees claimed they are completing only 60% of their potential work output due to the suboptimal quality of their digital experience. Lastly it revealed the role that new technologies can play in encouraging high performing and productive teams, such as digital employee experience (DEX).

From IT to HR departments, businesses face a huge challenge addressing the productivity gap. Lakeside’s research showed 40% of workplace technology issues, including system errors, network connectivity and application performances go unreported to IT teams.

David Keil, Chief Executive Officer at Lakeside Software, said not only are employees hindered by technology in their workplace, “IT teams are also frustrated by a lack of visibility into how and when issues occur.”

“The loss of nearly one hour per week per employee to IT downtime represents a major productivity issue for enterprise organisations,” added Keil. If companies proactively take steps to prevent problems occurring across their IT infrastructure, “business leaders can minimise downtime and achieve millions of dollars in reclaimed revenue every year.”

It is critical for businesses to have the right tools and capabilities to support workforces as organisations continue to compete for talent. Platforms that aid the digital employee experience (DEX) can push positive change by analysing how employees interact with the business’s computing devices, networks and virtual infrastructure (VDIs), local and cloud applications.

A strong DEX is significant for employee retention and talent acquisition. 36% of employees reported that they have considered leaving an employer because of poor digital experiences. 14% admitted they have actually left a job. This represents a substantial challenge in a competitive environment where almost 50% of employees around the world are considering changing jobs.

Chief Marketing Officer at Lakeside Software, David Wilkins said: “Our research shows just how important flexibility and the digital experience is to employee satisfaction.”

“The need for technology, IT support, workplace flexibility, and training that enables greater productivity and leads to a more satisfied workforce,” Wilkins added.