LifeWorks, a leader in providing digital and in-person solutions that supports the mental health of individuals, has launched LifeWorks Community globally.

LifeWorks Community is now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and even more. It provides a supportive peer network for wellbeing and emotional support to people. The program connects people from various organisations in 30 languages worldwide. While posts are monitored by trained professionals, users can anonymously receive and offer support from each other.

Isolation is a major indicator of poor mental health according to LifeWorks Mental Health Index. Employers can use the program to offer a peer-driven support community that helps employees to feel a greater sense of acceptance and belonging at work. Improving the lives of their employees can in turn improve their business. LifeWorks Community can be added by employers to existing benefit plans to complement traditional clinical care assistance like EAP, employee assistance programs.

Forums on LifeWorks Community engages users on topics such as anxiety, parenting and relationships. A companion product for post-secondary institutions, My SSP Community, is created on the same bases as LifeWorks Community. It is purposely designed with specific forums to engage students.

Neil King, president, integrated health solutions and executive vice president, LifeWorks said the program strengthens growth achieved in EAP counselling sessions by helping people to feel they aren’t alone facing mental health challenges which can help people feel their best. “With LifeWorks Community, people realize they are not alone and become part of a peer network where they can give and receive emotional support,” added Neil.