On the 23rd of May, Lee Rowley MP, the Construction Minister at the time, visited a development in West London where Federation of Master Builders (FMB) member Kisiel Group is constructing 21 new homes for rent.

The FMB, the voice of small and medium sized building companies, hosted the visit to showcase the role local builders are contributing to building needed homes, training the next generation of workers, and advocating professionalism in the construction industry. The Construction Minister as well as touring the development, conversed with young graduates beginning their career in construction. According to the FMB roughly 71% of construction apprentices are trained by SMEs.

Lee Rowley MP, former Minister for Construction at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “Small and medium size building companies have a critical part to play in building the homes the UK needs.” Rowley MP added the FMB play an important role in supporting construction companies. “As the voice of the sector I look forward to continuing to work closely with them to drive growth and train the next generation of the workforce,” concluded the Construction Minister.

The Chief Executive of the FMB, Brian Berry, said he was pleased the Minister was able to gain a thorough insight into the work of a local building product and experience the commitment to quality that sets FMB builders apart. Berry continued: “They are in a great position to help level-up, and it’s important that the Construction Minister hears their perspective on the pressures caused by material price rises, labour shortages, unchecked rogue builders who give the business a bad name, and the need for direction in reaching net zero.”

“SMEs make up over 95% of the construction sector with local firms often key employers in their local communities,” added Berry. Although small builders may be innovative in handling various difficulties “but they also need Government support if they are to thrive, not falter.”