The Enterprise Cooperative Trust celebrated its official launch on 29th June, with local schools, community organisations and businesses, to promote the aims of bringing the community together to support young people, throughout their education journey ensuring that all our students, whatever their ability, are able to access work opportunities to set them up for life beyond school.

The Mayor of Enfield, Doris Jiagge, joined the event and said: “It is wonderful that the Trust is helping to improve education and life opportunities for all children and young people in the local community. The fact that each child is being celebrated and helped to fulfil their potential is commendable and I am very proud to be part of that.”

During the event, the community of Enfield came together to hear from businesses which have benefitted from the Trust’s work, as well as the young people who have received valuable work experience and training. The chair, Janet Leach MBE, spoke about her vision for the future of the organisation and the power of partnerships

Mayor of Enfield, Doris Jiagge, joined the event

The Trust comprises many influential local partners, including West Lea SchoolEnfield CouncilLearning for Life CharityCo-operative Schools Network, Love Your Doorstep, Chickenshed and the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL). The Trust, will act as a catalyst enabling these institutions  to  work together to ensure Enfield’s young people are equipped with the personal, professional and social skills needed to gain employment, understand their role in the community, and be the very best they can be.

The Trust is currently undergoing a number of exciting projects to help achieve its mission. These include:

    • Securing impressive work experience arrangements for local young people, including with organisations such as the Co-op, Greggs, and Chickenshed.
    • In partnership with Love your Doorstep organising a networking event, due to be held later this year.  The aim being to help young people connect with employers and local businesses and to  explore career possibilities, promoting and supporting their aspirations.
  • Upskilling young people by hosting upcycling workshops at the new Building BloQs site. This  fulfils the needs of Enfield’s local people, while upskilling young people to help them secure meaningful employment and strengthen the community.

Trustees include many notable local figures, including chair Janet Leach MBE, who has 42 years of experience in the public sector in the field of special education needs (SEN), Renee Flourentzou, director of education at West Lea School and Peter Batt, divisional managing director for the south for the Co-operative Group.

Janet Leach MBE, Chair of Enterprise Cooperative Trust said: She was delighted, together with fellow trustees to be officially launching the Trust.  Janet paid tribute to the collective vision of Paul Quinn and Sue Tripp, former Headteacher of Westlea who both recognised the value of collaboration and cooperation and the need to drive for equality of opportunity for all our young people – values at the core of the cooperative movement.  In the short video presentation Janet emphasised the fact that the Trust aimed to be a catalyst for change and that together we are all stronger.  She thanked everyone for giving up their time to attend and encouraged everyone to sign up to find out more.

For more information about ECT, please visit: www.enterprisecooperativetrust.org.uk