The owners of Grizzly, a Dorset based video production firm, are thrilled to announce their newly launched Marketing venture, The Wild Agency; which will act as a sister company to Grizzly.

Headed up by Mike Coggan, Creative Director of Grizzly and Managing Director of The Wild Agency, this brand-new Marketing & PR Company will have an environmental and sustainable ethos. The Agency will team up with potential clients who either are already making waves in sustainability and want to engage further with stakeholders, or companies looking to become more environmentally conscious, or need guidance to begin their sustainable journeys.

Mike says: “We are a forward-thinking Marketing & PR agency, specialising in promoting the sustainability goals and achievements of our clients. The agency will donate 30% of its profits to causes which are relevant to our clients, creating better client stories whilst funding important environmental projects. The company goes hand-in-hand with our non-profit wildlife video channel ‘The Biome Project’ which pairs ecologists, zoologists and conservationists with filmmakers to create engaging educational content.

“We are aware of how many marketing companies there are in the Bournemouth area, so we certainly didn’t want to try to compete with them, or their already impressive offerings. Our idea behind The Wild Agency was to focus on a wholly unique concept, centred around Sustainability. We will work closely with our clients to allow them to enhance their sustainability strategies; with the end goal of helping to reducing their carbon footprint. We will offer a variety of packages that will include (but not be limited to) carefully curated video content, PR, Marketing and social media.”

He continues: “We are extremely excited to bring this new and exciting initiative to market. I have brought my trusted Grizzly colleague Steve Garay (Producer) to the forefront of the company as Digital Media Director. Steve says, “I am thrilled to be part of The Wild Agency.  With my background in film production and lighting, my career at Grizzly, plus my interest in sustainability, I feel excited to be part of a forward-thinking enterprise that really tackles important issues.”

Charities supported by The Wild Agency

“We are incredibly proud to be working with Benjamin Mee from Dartmoor Zoo, who wrote the book ‘We Bought a Zoo’, which was turned into a Hollywood film, with Matt Damon. We’re thrilled to be part of his latest project in Amur Leopard conservation, which will see him build an enclosure using sustainable materials and provide an off-show encounter, where the animals can thrive away from human interaction, which will enable a safer transition when the young are introduced into the wild.”

To further bolster the team, Mike has sought Marketing expertise from Danielle Boutcher, who has now been appointed as Marketing Director for The Wild Agency. Her former career as a Marketing Specialist within the events and travel industry has spanned over 16 years. She says: “My former job was Marketing and Events-led, but I also engaged with my clients to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint during their global events, so this ties in very nicely with my new role. I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Mike and Steve to create and deliver exciting campaigns for our clients and empower them to spearhead their sustainable narrative. With my events background, we also aim to run events with a sustainable edge for and on behalf of clients in the not-too-distant future. We are also thrilled to be creating jobs, which is a real positive in these uncertain times.”

The strategic move to bring together creative minds and carefully align them across two prestigious companies and a non-profit, makes for a wholly cohesive and collaborative approach. The Wild Agency appreciates that many companies can’t be wholly zero-waste or wholly sustainable, but if they can help individual companies engage with their stakeholders, make steps for them to be more environmentally conscious and promote them as so, then they can all make a difference. Whatever their clients want to achieve, their strong sustainability ethos will be carefully weaved into their branding and corporate message.