Good communication has never been more important. Throughout the pandemic, video calls, Zooms and social media have become a lifeboat for so many of us as we face minimal contact and reduced interactions. Thanks to technology, communication has continued, enabling businesses to stay in touch with customers and to continue operating. 

A hugely important channel to direct communication is through the ‘blogosphere’. Blogs are a great way to share information, products and services, and increase exposure. It is a space to let the brand’s personality shine and to build relationships. But how do you begin to put a blog together and see results?

Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe, Creative and Communications Director, Lion Spirit Media and Roaring Content, explained:Business blogs make sense. It is a direct route to customers. Unlike a website, which of course is a great way to showcase your brand, a blog is the perfect platform to strengthen search engine optimisation (SEO) and domain authority. Ultimately, a blog is an awesome content marketing tool used to generate leads and drive sales—plus, it adds a heap of personality. This is all very positive but not everyone is a natural blogger, or is simply too busy running their business to unleash their creativity in full force.

We really can’t underestimate the power of communication. But it’s not only the method we use to communicate that’s important — tones, gestures and language all form part of our understanding of what someone is trying to convey.”

Natasha continued: Many of the world’s leading thinkers have argued that language shapes perception. After all, the language we use creates a particular influence in the mind of the person reading it. Therefore, the language your business uses will impact how people perceive your brand, its product and services, and position in the marketplace.

Ensuring a blog is well-written and captures a business’ audience correctly is key. Clearly, language choice is important for external communication like blogs, but it’s something businesses can overlook or miss the mark on if writing experience is not their normal 9-5 focus or is not their favourite task.”

The art of communication

A brand’s tone and style should be developed and used within a blog so customers can recognise the content as speaking in the ‘brand voice’. Adopting and using the brand’s voice consistently helps people understand the business better, which in turn, increases brand awareness, develops a sense of community and builds trust.

Seeing first-hand the struggle many businesses have in getting their blogs right, Natasha looked for an easy way to help. “Blogs can be a scary thing to do for many businesses. Knowing what and how to communicate correctly, and indeed having the time to write them on a regular basis is difficult for many, particularly those without a dedicated marketing department. To help with this predicament Roaring Content has a blog package option. Businesses can simply order their blog online and we will create the perfect blog to fit their brand and messaging. This can be a one-off blog or a regular subscription, and with an extremely fast turnaround and a team of specialised writers on the books, Roaring Content writes for businesses and industries of all shapes and sizes.”

Roaring Content’s blog writing service includes content strategy, topic research and suggestions, keyword research, meta descriptions and even a relevant stock image – all for a fixed price each month. It is the perfect way to help grow brand exposure and organic web traffic in a budget-friendly way.

With a special introductory offer of 10% off the first bill on any subscription services, Roaring Content is successfully helping businesses to communicate effectively.

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