Class-ify, a new digital platform ‘powered by human connection’, has been launched by former Just Eat employees to enable fitness instructors to build their own businesses online.

Set to revolutionise the fitness industry by providing a workout experience ‘powered by human connection’, Class-ify helps independent health and fitness instructors monetise their audience and build a global community, all from the use of a laptop or smartphone device.

Inspired to find a solution that would enable independent wellness and fitness instructors to fulfil the surging demand for virtual classes, Class-ify provides the infrastructure for instructors to deliver their sessions online without having to invest capital into the development of their own website or app.

Following a similar subscription model to Just Eat, trainers also benefit from 1-2-1 support from the Class-ify team, which includes help and advice on social media marketing, client retention, community building and accounting.

Class-ify has a clear vision to champion independent fitness instructors, and the first 100 instructors that sign up will be awarded shares in the business.

Daniel Stott, CEO and co-founder of Class-ify, said: “We believe every instructor deserves the opportunity to create the life they choose and, following the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to find a way to help as many instructors as possible prepare for a ‘hybrid workout’ world, build their own communities and deliver classes from anywhere, any time.

Class-ify CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Stott

“The pandemic has caused the online fitness industry to boom, and despite a date on the horizon for gyms to reopen, many people have discovered they prefer working out at home or enjoy a mix of both in-person and online classes.

“We don’t believe big brands and celebrities should be the only ones to benefit from the surge in online fitness classes and decided it was time we paved the way for local-hero instructors.

“Class-ify is unique to the fitness industry and is solely focused on championing qualified fitness instructors and helping them grow and develop their client bases, all from the use of their laptop.

“Through our platform, we make sure every instructor we work with has a better opportunity to create an amazing online business and an incredible brand. As a thank you to the first 100 instructors for believing in the concept, we are giving away a 1.3% share in the business.

“Ultimately, even when life turns back to ‘normal’, the online health and fitness community isn’t going anywhere, so there is no better time than now for instructors to build a digital presence and become part of the Class-ify family.”

Having received a £350,000 investment via Angel funding, with 35% funded by former Just Eat executives, Class-ify has already partnered with 40 fitness instructors located in seven different countries worldwide, with ambitions to grow exponentially over the next six months.