A consortium of tech leaders, experts and investors today announces the launch of a new Working Group aimed at tackling issues and supporting businesses developing enhanced remote working capabilities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founded by Russ Shaw in 2013, Tech London Advocates (TLA) is a private sector led coalition of more than 9,000 individuals and experts from the tech sector and broader community who volunteer to champion London as a global tech hub and campaign to address the challenges facing tech companies in the UK.

Now Russ Shaw has worked with HR consultant Louisa Steensma and remote delivery and innovation executive Zoltan Vass to establish the TLA Remote Working Group, to support businesses through what they believe will be the fourth industrial revolution and enable UK companies to further innovate and attract overseas talent post-Brexit.

Open to organisations within or outside the tech sector, the group already includes a founding membership of more than 100 experts, company directors and consultants. The Board comprises 14 experts in fields as diverse as law, recruitment and remote onboarding, cyber security, communications, mental fitness, education and digital transformation.

The new group’s leaders are looking to become a resource hub to develop and share remote and flexible working good practice and insights accessible to all, particularly SMEs.

The group’s public launch will take place on Thursday November 12th with a Q&A session for members of any organisations looking for expert support in managing a transition to permanent remote or hybrid working.

Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, comments: “The Covid-19 pandemic has hyper-accelerated many of the trends we saw emerging across the economy and society, none more so than remote working. Now it is critical that businesses of all sizes can effectively operate remotely and that means navigating the issues related to new collaboration tools, cybersecurity, governance, digital skills and training, and more.

Tech London Advocates has always existed to support the sector in overcoming challenges and realising the opportunities to innovate and grow. This new Working Group brings together the expertise and insight to support the ecosystem at large in managing the continued transition to remote working.”  

In 2016, Russ Shaw launched Global Tech Advocates (GTA) as a series of sibling organisations around the world that would connect tech hubs internationally. There are now 17 organisations in Global Tech Advocates spanning the US, Europe and Asia. Within Tech London Advocates there are also now more than 50 Working Groups, bringing together Advocates that share an interest in specific areas of the tech ecosystem from 5G to RetailTech and Fintech.

The growth of the TLA Remote Working Group has been driven largely by Ms Steensma and Mr Vass since lockdown in March. And it’s all been done completely remotely, via connections made through virtual networking and using interactive online tools for knowledge sharing and video conferencing.

It’s been a fascinating few months since we first had the idea of setting up the group,” they said. “The insight and expertise offered by our board and founding members has been highly engaging and we are excited to see how the group develops over the coming months.

Smaller businesses in particular – research shows that 85% of SMEs are looking at permanent changes in their working habits – may feel overwhelmed by the dramatically and rapidly changing world in which they find themselves.

We hope these organisations may find our group a useful and productive starting point for embracing change which has accelerated beyond expectations during the past six months.”

For further information about the TLA Remote Working Group visit: