Malika Bagai, The Chelsea Money Coach says YES!

Malika Bagai, The Chelsea Money Coach provides expert financial advice and cutting-edge business coaching to celebrities, pop stars, CEOs, politicians, business people, and anyone committed to positively transforming their ‘money story’.

“I teach people from every walk of life how to adapt to radically different money conditions. This knowledge is gold dust and can save a lot of time, heartache and money! I learned from the winners and I teach people how to win and more importantly how to keep winning.”

Growing up in the Royal Establishment conforming to strict rules of ‘no personal financial gain’, how will Prince Harry adapt so as to create a new and independent fortune?
Clear and consistent courageous thinking, attitude and behaviour aligned to his vision is absolutely imperative.” says 
The Chelsea Money Coach.

Malika Bagai: The Chealsea Money Coach

Will Prince Harry’s new life away from the traditional Royal support be a success?

A good coach that can help the client adapt to radical changes and provide accountability makes all the difference” says Malika.

“Clarity is King. When I teach people I first identify their historical relationship with money, called their ‘Money Story’. These are Harry’s priorities and primary drivers and, of course, those of his wife Meghan as she is clearly very influential.”

“Evolving the mindset and focusing closely on the figures and spending, as well as creative ideas, is the key to helping anyone become ‘financially free’.  If Harry doesn’t follow certain winning formulas, he could end up in serious difficulty. Happiness and peace of mind are clearly very important to him and his wife Meghan, so it’s of paramount importance that the decisions they make are congruent with his vision and personality type.”

“Clearly Meghan would thrive in the limelight as an influencer, but Harry may be more comfortable away from the spotlight.”

The Chelsea Money Coach shares expertise on all money matters with a focus on rapid change and resolution to turn things around and maximise potential to generate and maintain financial abundance.

The Chelsea Money Coach Wealth Mastery Series is now available in Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook and Video Course on Amazon, iTunes, Audible and Udemy.

The Chelsea Money Coach wishes Harry and Meghan the very best in the next chapter of their lives!