Despite the current economic and political uncertainty in the UK, The Kings Ferry Group, owned by National Express, is bucking the trend by confidently investing in new personnel and adopting a new growth strategy.

The Kings Ferry Group specialises in coach travel, chauffeur transfers and transport management. It has expanded its team following two recent acquisitions and is pleased to announce that more than 10 new appointments have been made across the business, from sales and accounts to senior positions.

To complement the growth and strategic plans, the company has developed a new corporate identity and branding which was unveiled at the Business Travel Show on 20th and 21stFebruary.

The Kings Ferry has been operating in the coach industry for more than 50 years and today offers private coach hire, commuter services to London, VIP coach services and full transport management solutions for corporate clients. Following the inclusion of Clarkes of London and Stewarts Coach Group, which includes a holiday and short break business, the Kings Ferry Group is on track to achieve its £50 million annual revenue target one year ahead of strategy and now has charge of a fleet of 223 vehicles – a 200% increase from 2016.

Over the past six months The Kings Ferry has been developing a confident new strategy to ensure the recent expansion delivers efficiencies, enables key competencies to be shared across the business, and provides a sustainable platform for future growth.

“Central to making the expansion a success is getting the right people in the right places, and we are delighted to announce that more than 10 new positions have been created within the Group and have been filled by experienced and competent people,” says Managing Director, Ian Fraser.

“Throughout this process we have been focused on creating a leadership structure that will sustain our recent growth, yet also provide room for more growth in the future. One outcome is the creation of several new director positions across the Group – some of which have been filled by existing managers, and others which are new appointments from outside of the business.”

The new Kings Ferry Group branding features a fresh visual treatment of the logo. “It’s really important that as the business gets bigger and more complex behind the scenes, our message to customers and stakeholders must become ever clearer. In its most simple form, what we do is connect people to the places they want to visit and however we do that, and wherever we do that, we will always strive to provide the best in service and value,” concludes Ian Fraser.

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