London startup Agent and Homes has experienced a very exciting start to life as a hybrid estate agency after launching in the capital in 2018. 

The firm was founded by experienced London estate agents Rollo Miles and Bob Crowley in June last year with an idea to offer disillusioned agents the chance to work for themselves, manage their own days and work the hours they want or need to fit in family life or other business interests.

To begin with, it was just the pair of them working at a desk for two. However, since then the agency has grown impressively, establishing itself in the London property market.

Phenomenal growth and expansion since launch

Starting out as a desk for two in a North Kensington co-worker office space, Agent and Homes now employs a team of 18 working from a hub in Notting Hill Gate. The company provides back-end support which allows its team of entrepreneurial individuals to go out and focus on what they are best at.

Rollo Miles

“Growth has been quicker than we anticipated and we now have properties for sale and let across Central and West London and have even started marketing properties as far away as Essex after recently agreeing the sale of a lovely apartment in Brentwood,” says Agent and Homes Founder Rollo Miles.

“The growth in numbers of people joining us has also been very pleasing,” he says. “We love the fact that people are keen to embrace a new way of working within the property industry and particularly pleased that they are choosing to work with us.” 

Hybrid, online agency or property broker?

Agent and Homes considers itself to be a hybrid estate agency. However, others have labelled the firm as an online agency or a property broker house.

“We are in an industry that likes labels!” says Agent and Homes co-Founder Bob Crowley.

Bob Crowley

“Every agent is ‘online’, so I don’t really understand that label. Yes, we do not have a high street office front but we do have a very central hub office in prime Notting Hill, so we consider ourselves hybrid, as we offer everything a high street agent would offer and we do not charge upfront fees.”

“That said, all of our agents are self-employed and keep 90% of what they earn with 10% going back to the hub to provide support, so maybe we should start calling ourselves a property broker house. The truth is we are a bit of both,” adds Crowley.

A bright future ahead in 2019 

This year, Agent and Homes is expecting to considerably increase its number of agents. This means the firm is currently on the hunt for a bigger office space to accommodate increased ‘hot desking’ and use of facilities.

“We love Notting Hill as a hub base, but really we can be located pretty much anywhere,” adds Miles.

“We do, however, plan to stay centrally located in London for a few reasons: we want the hub to be easily accessible for everyone that wants to pop in, we do a lot of business in Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.”

“Most importantly, though, there are some fantastic bars and restaurants in the area and we all need to unwind every now and again!”

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