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The UK division of the world’s largest estate agency brand, Keller Williams, has announced the launch of its latest market centre in London Bridge.

Keller Williams’ market centres provide agents with the opportunity to set up their own business and benefit from access to co-working office space, training and mentoring from the worlds’ number one training company as well as technology solutions including portal subscriptions.

Keller Williams UK is already operating three other market centres in Prime Central London, Leeds and Glasgow.

Agents working with Keller Williams UK can take advantage of an innovative and disruptive model which provides them with vastly improved earning potential.

They initially retain 63% of their commissions, with the remainder covering the costs of all benefits the market centre offers. Once they reach a ‘cap’ of £60,000, (less in other parts of the UK) the agent then retains 90% of their commission with the remaining 10% going to Keller Williams.

The London Bridge centre, which had an official launch date of June 15, has already chosen 20 of its initial 25 agents, with a full launch scheduled for early August.

Agents working out of the London Bridge market centre will be predominantly covering South East London, from Southbank down to Croydon and Beckenham.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest market centre in London Bridge,” says Ben Taylor, Managing Director of Keller Williams UK.

“Our extraordinary proposition is so compelling thanks to its focus on extensive training and empowering our agents with the latest technology. We are looking for driven entrepreneurial people with a desire to be a business owner. Whether they wish to build an empire or a small profitable business that fits around their lifestyle.”

“The Keller Williams model makes it remarkably simple and removes many of the risks associated with starting one’s own business. To launch your own company with some the best training and technology available, for a few hundred pounds, is much of the reason for our explosive worldwide growth.” says Taylor, who was formerly Managing Director of Countrywide brand John D Wood.

The London Bridge market centre will be co-owned and operated by Chris Buckler. The KW model encourages a strong investor group, which London Bridge certainly benefits from.

Buckler, who is also Keller Williams UK’s Director of Technology, has worked in the property industry for almost a decade and in business consulting with Deloitte. He previously set up his own estate agency in the Midlands – which was sold last summer.

“The London Bridge market centre is an ideally located hub for ambitious agents who want to increase their earning potential in an environment which embraces technology and champions comprehensive training,” says Buckler.

“Keller Williams’ global brand has been built on the ethos of ‘everyone wants to join, no one wants to leave’ and that’s certainly what we’re aiming to foster at our new market centre.”

Keller Williams was recently voted as Forbes’ happiest place to work in 2018. In 2017, it was recognised by Training magazine as the world’s number one training organisation across all industries.

The firm’s commitment to innovation and simplifying processes has been shown by investment of circa £40 million in technology development last year alone.

“We’re looking for entrepreneurial agents who have made the jump to the online and hybrid sectors and have since seen the value of extensive training and support,” Buckler continues.

“Our agents will be focusing on lead generation and as part of our model, we’ll help them work on their own businesses through our market centres. There’s access to daily training opportunities and I’ll be on hand to help agents develop their offering through cross-selling and other services.”

Keller Williams is the largest estate agency brand in the world with over 185,000 associates working in 34 countries.

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