• Recent research from GoCompare found that ‘Love’ is the most used on Twitter
  • On average, 15% of the most tweeted words were positive terms, while only 0.8% were negative terms.
  • The term “great” also featured in the top used terms – following figures such as Trump and Bill Gates using it the most.

With around 330 million active users, Twitter is the ideal platform for businesses to engage and interact with their clients, while promoting brand exposure. Brands, especially in terms of social influencers, are constantly using the platform to project messages globally and reach out to new demographics.

A recent study conducted by GoCompare has delved into the logistics of the social platform to discover the most tweeted words across the platform, highlighting a few tips that business could use when implementing their social strategies.

Here are some of the findings from the profiles studied:

  • ‘LOVE’ saves the day – Social media is often placed under great scrutiny as a negative environment, but surprising research shows it sends off more love than hate. With many profiles highlighting words such as  ‘love’ coming out on top, it proves that positivity pays off when it comes to engaging your audience.
  • Be THANKful – Many influencers retain their adoration by their displays of their gratitude. The word ‘thank’ scores highly, particularly from social figures, who both have a huge following to be grateful for. It seems there’s nothing wrong with being a little #blessed from time to time!
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Ranking as the third most tweeted phrase, the study found that “happy” seemed to feature throughout many twitter profiles – ranging from song lyrics to influencer and social icon personal’s tweets.
  • Make Twitter GREAT again – Almost as synonymous with the 51st President as the term ‘fake’, the word ‘great’ featured as the 4th most tweeted term. Unsurprisingly the research shows that Trump uses it the most, closely followed by billionaire business magnate and philanthropist, Bill Gates.

It seems with a voice that reaches millions across the world, conveying positive messages and appreciating those that support you is paramount. Martyn John, PR and Social Media Manager at GoCompare, said: “Most of us could probably guess who some of the most followed people on Twitter are, but rarely do we stop and think about the messages these influencers are actually sending to millions of people around the world.


The 50 most followed profiles were taken from Twitter excluding general news sites and then pulled their last 1000 tweets. The retweets and favourites from each tweet were taken to create averages then each tweet was compiled to create a word cloud. The tweets were then analysed and put into four categories; self-promotion, industry related, socio-political and general/personal.

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