Julia Payne

Digital specialist Julia Payne says women need to have the courage of their convictions

When it comes to expressing their opinions, women shouldn’t hold back – they should speak up and be heard. That’s according to Julia Payne, a co-founder and director of the Tech Marketing agency Incisive Edge – specialists in marketing for funded tech companies.

As the 2017 winner for Best Influential Woman in Inbound Marketing, Julia is aware of the challenges facing women in business, in particular in the digital world.

She comments: “Businesses need to meet the rising demands of the digital economy and to do that, they need to unlock the potential of female talent. But, the starting point is for women to recognise and unlock that talent within themselves.

“Women are often afraid to make their opinion heard. Whether that’s through gender conditioning, a fear of what people may think or a lack of self-belief, all too often women assume a silent, supporting role. Due to an often deep rooted lack of self-belief, women can under-estimate the value they can bring to business and the boardroom. I believe they need to find their voice and make themselves heard.

“Business has complex challenges to solve and women can help to resolve those issues as they approach them differently to men.”

Payne concludes that the challenges that face women in business aren’t exclusive to any one sector, she adds: “An unconscious bias exists across many industries. And from education through to business leaders, we need to help girls and women to develop a level of comfort and capability that allows them to express their opinions freely.

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