What is The London Business Journal?

The London Business Journal is a no-nonsense and down to earth business publication catering primarily to businesses in and around the UK's most economically vibrant city - London.

What makes it different?

Unlike other business publications, it is not focused solely on the big financial institutions but includes small and medium size businesses too.

We also simplify business news, activities, new developments and opportunities in such a way that you do not need an MBA to both understand and reap benefits from reading it.

Who is The London Business Journal for?

Essentially, whether you are a consultant operating on your own or the founder of a worldwide enterprise with thousands of employees around the world, The London Business Journal is for you.

Whether you are conducting business in London, or operate a business in another country, you will find The London Business Journal a very useful tool.

Why get involved?

It has been said (and we strongly believe) that entrepreneurial activities can, and will, get us out of this recession. The UK cannot sit and wait for the government to change our economic situation; everyone has to be involved.

Love it or loath it, as the old saying goes, "we are all in this together".